• Unique ceramic dishes for keeping trinkets, jewellery, or serving condiments at your dinner table. Each dish comes with a unique marble swirl of natural earthenware clay, which gives every piece its individuality. We only use locally sourced, natural earthenware clay and glazes to create these trinkets. Sold single or in a set.


    Ready to be shipped within 1-5 business days.

    Sandy Marble Trinket Dish Set


      Small // Width: 9cm, Height: 1cm 

      Large // Width: 11cm, Height: 1cm

      * Made by hand in Tonkla Studio based in Melbourne, Australia.
      * Tonkla Studio is using locally sourced stoneware and glazes only.
      * All materials are food and microwave safe
      * As each piece is made individually by hand the colouring, shape and size can vary slightly from piece to piece.

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